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MATSUKAZE user guide

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What payment options are available ?
We receive the payment through PayPal only.

Can I pay with non Japanese yen ?
Please pay that in Japanese yen on PayPal.

Can I use the cedit cards issued overseas ?
Yes, you can use the cedit cards issued overseas on PayPal.


Does the product price include Japanese consumption tax ?
That price doesn't include Japanese consumption tax.


Which the delivery service is used?
We use FedEx as the delivery service.

When can I know about delivery charge?
You can know it automatically when you finish to select order items by the payment phase.

Can I arrange dates and times to deliver?
Delivery dates and times can't be specified.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
The delivery schedule is changed by some factors.
so, please ask us when you decided your order items.


When will you ship my order items?
If you pay the payment on business day, we will correspond to next business day.
However, we accept your order and inquiry before and after the regular holiday,
we may get time for responding to correspond. Please be understanding of this matter.

Returns or Exchanges

Can I return or exchange order products ?
We won't accept any returns or exchanges unless the products are faulty.
In case of the products are faulty, requests for exchanges or returns have to be made within 14 days after delivery on inquiriy form
* Inquiriy


Can you put the MSDS in shipping products ?
We will attach MSDS for liquid product.
*MSDS list

Point service

When will point be granted ?
You will grant 300 points at the time of the first member registration.
And it will be granted 1 point per 100JPY every order.
You can use 1 point as 1JPY next order time.

Logo/Model images

Do I need the permission of the logo and the image to use on this site?
Yes, you do. Please refer to the permit application on inquiriy form.
Unauthorized copying and replication of the contents of this site, text, images and logo are strictly prohibited. MATSUKAZE CO.,LTD All Rights Reserved. We take a legislative measure to violators.

*Please read the general terms below carefully before order.
* Matsukaze General Terms
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